The Soul of an Artist

Sun set  The Soul of an Artist

An artist creates a piece of art, for he wants the world to know it is an extended expression of his self. When others see his work, they see the creator; as if, a part of the artist’s soul lives in his work.

All who know of art and its elegance in the form of beauty draw inspiration from nature but seldom do we query nature’s inspiration! Who owns all this art? And how does something so simple have so much beauty, which springs all of man’s creation!  The essence remains in the artist – A master piece which resonates its master; art that has trapped the soul of its artist.

‘How great though heart, how great though soul – for he who seeks creation finds you as the spring and when done, the satisfaction of an ocean’.

Next time you gaze upon a sunset, wisher in a conch shell or kiss a wild lily…remember the eternal artist, whose soul smiles back at you in thought of inspiration and in the fulfillment of creation.


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